Artwork Upload for Print and Display Graphics

Click on the button below to upload your artwork to our FTP.



We can accept your files in the following formats – please ensure that you include all linked images such as Tiff files with no compressions.

  • Illustrator
  • In Design
  • Hi Res PDF

Where possible please convert all fonts to paths/outlines. Alternatively supply all screen postscript truetype fonts and ensure that you include both the screen and printer versions.inates all font issues such as defaulting or drop-outs. We will match where possible to your PMS references


Please specify all PMS colours for your artworks where possible. We will be printing CMYK and all colour specifications will be matched to the closest 4 colour process. Orders received without colour specifications will be produced using the CMYK values contained in the digital file. PMS colors are not always 100% reproducible utilizing CMYK production and therefore all colour specifications will be matched to the closest 4 colour process. We will endevaour to match your colours as close as possible. Please supply a colour hard copy with your artwork.

BLACKS: Please ensure that black spot colours are built blacks as 70 C, 70 M, 70 Y, 100 K. This will ensure a true, rich black every time.


When sending Bitmaps 300dpi should be considered a minimum as image quality degrades when increasing scale. A general rule is that for every 100% increase in size resolution is cut in half (a 500 X 500 image at 300dpi will become 150dpi when size is increased to 1000 X 1000). Properly scaled images with sufficient resolution will be between 100 and 300 MEGS for proper resolution at press. Please bear in mind the artwork should not drop below 100dpi at FULL SIZE in order to produce a good quality print.
Size your image proportionate to the final production size


Vector images can be scaled up from any size. Please ensure, when sending a bitmap file, 20% of the final production size at 300dpi is the recommended minimum size and scale, more never hurts.


Please ensure that all artwork must be accompanied by a colour hard copy with pantone colours specified. If you do not have pantone references, please ensure that we have a colour output for us to match against.


Whilst we can accept files via email of up to 10mb the best method of sending larger files is by FTP download.