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Signage is such an obvious way to announce your business to the world that people often forget about it. Don’t let potential customers pass you by. Whether your business is a shop, an office, or you’re branding a vehicle, Graphic Express have signage options for you. One thing is for sure though, you simply cannot afford to neglect your signage.

As somebody once said, a business with no sign is s a sign of no business. There are so many types of signs to choose from that there will be something right for you.

Signage Options Include:

  • Shop facias
  • Office Signs
  • Internal office signs
  • Etch vynyl window graphics
  • Vehicle livery
  • A boards
  • Banners

And within each of these categories, there is a huge choice of materials and styles. A good sign maker will get to know your business and understand your needs, then design you a custom signage solution that will suit your situation.

A simple A board standing on the pavement outside your door will alert people to your business and could bring you passing trade. A big illuminated sign will make a bold statement, even at night.  You need to discuss designs with your sign maker as they will have experience of a variety of situations, and also know of any planning issues in your location.

Businesses typically buy new signs when they move into new premises, and often they forget about signage for many years after that. Remember that signage is a cornerstone of your brand image and should be reviewed regularly, just like the rest of your marketing.

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